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Algo PoW has been changed to Equihash 144.5 also known as Zhash. Please update your Miner asap see Getting started
Use legit Safecoin addresses only!
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Safecoin Workers

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Here are the Top Hashers
Address Shares Efficiency Hashrate
RZYdFtPJS5RFykHjUaduphDfZpp9jvxLzK 81.52 100% 1.05 KSol/s
RoxhkXpWqKBJVdcWCCFmYrP8eNpR3TMhFV 11.25 100% 87.69 Sol/s
RhyVjcK3zNUW69tEuVtct7D5wqruPgtQgn 0.9 100% 8.59 Sol/s